Each Month


Interactive English Classes

for less than the price of one hour

of conventional classes!

Join the English Collective and get English coaching & accountability in a fun, interactive learning environment!

Are you ready to make English a regular and enjoyable part of your life?

Be an action taker and improve your English daily!

Join our community of like-minded English learners as together we enjoy a fun, didactic constant improvement community.

Why do most English learners fail to gain fluency?

Most people who are learning English fail to reach fluency because they simply are not consistent enough with their exposure to the language.

So many see learning English as an unpleasant responsibility and a process they don’t enjoy, so they fail to get “hooked” on the language learning process. Despite studying with a qualified teacher or friendly classmates, they still feel alone in their personal improvement journey.

After 17 years and more than 12,500 hours teaching English to over 1000 Spanish speakers I discovered the secret….

 …that the learners who enjoy the process and feel they are part of a community always improve much more.

While there are plenty of recorded materials available for free, they lack the live, interactive experience of an enthusiastic community guided by an exceptional teacher.

So, here’s how The English Collective works…

With the cost of classes with experienced teachers often up to or exceeding 40 Euros per hour, regular classes simply aren’t accessible to most people.

Even with these classes, the exposure ends after the class, leaving the student without ongoing support.

Get access to the entire online community for less than the cost of one hour of regular English class with an experienced teacher!

Here's what's inside

The Classroom

Frequent LIVE Classes, with interactive chat. 

In these class sessions the teacher encourages participation from members, who can ask and answer questions and interact in real-time chat.

Enjoy classes on grammar, pronunciation, phrasal verbs, expressions, fluency development and more.

Members can see when the next live class will be in our upcoming class schedule.

The Resource Center

Members will enjoy unlimited access to our growing library of resources on grammar, pronunciation, listening and more. Focused lessons are in text, audio and video, to best help you master essentials of the language.

Check in regularly to review essential grammar, listen to new audio material or study lessons in the growing collection of resources exclusive to English Collective members. 

The Clubhouse

This is your creative area, where you can “hang out” with other members and teachers.  Chat, ask questions and share resources and ideas through your English improvement journey. The club house provides a key element to the interactive, inclusive spirit of the English Collective!

Class  Archives

Did you miss a class? Do you want to go back and review key concepts? Here lessons are stored in convenient channels which you have unlimited access to.

Access previously recorded classes, even from before you joined the Collective!

All this for the cost of half a cup of coffee per day…

Are you ready to be an action taker?

Are you ready to make daily progress with your English for real? Once and for all??

What are you waiting for?

Is There A Guarantee?

Of course…

We guarantee that if you participate in the live classes, interact (in English) in the Clubhouse area and take advantage of the Resource Center, within 2 months you will notice an improvement in your level and confidence in English.

 If for some reason you don’t feel like that is true, then you can cancel your membership at any time and will not be billed again.


It’s very simple.  


But if you’re like most people, this experience will change your English learning journey and relationship with the language! 

Why is The English Collective so cheap?

How can we afford to offer such high quality content for about the price of half a cup of coffee per day?

At this price, joining The English Collective is a “no-brainer decision” for anyone serious about taking their English to the next level without spending a fortune.

Our team of content creators are experienced and love sharing their knowledge.

We know that our methods work and that you will make progress and spread the word about this community with friends and family who also want to improve their English.

What are you waiting for?

Join the Collective and get coaching & accountability in a fun interactive learning environment!

The English Collective Is Different!

The biggest challenge in truly making progress with your English is never a lack of knowledge...

The English Collective is NOT just some “course” that you’ll never use…

It combines the right English learning KNOWLEDGE

With the encouragement you need to EXECUTE your progress…

And a “no-excuses” ACCOUNTABILITY community who won’t let you off the hook…

What are you waiting for?